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Message queue


The message queue is a way of communicating between applications, enabling asynchronous communication and increasing the availability and scalability of the system.In go-zero, we used go-queue

Task Targets

  • Learn about the basic usage of go-queue
  • Learn how to use message queues in go-zero


go-queue producers are simple. Only kafka addresses are needed to create a Pusher object.

NewPusher(addrs []string, topic string, opts ...PushOption)

Code Example 2

pusher := kq.NewPusher([]string{
}, "test")

if err:=pusher.Push("foo");err!=nil{


Configure Introduction

kq Configuration Structure states the following:

type KqConf struct {
Brokers []string
Group string
Topic string
Offset string `json:",options=first|last,default=last"`
Conns int `json:",default=1"`
Consumers int `json:",default=8"`
Processors int `json:",default=8"`
MinBytes int `json:",default=10240"` // 10K
MaxBytes int `json:",default=10485760"` // 10M
Username string `json:",optional"`
Password string `json:",optional"`
ForceCommit bool `json:",default=true"`

service.ServiceConf reference Basic Service Configuration

ParamsDataTypeRequired?Default valueNote
Brokers[]stringYESkafka cluster address
GroupstringYESConsumer Group
TopicstringYESMessage topic
OffsetstringNOlastStarting position of consumer consumption, optional values first and last
ConnsintNO1Number of connections
ConsumersintNO8Number of consumers
ProcessorsintNO8Number of Message Processors
MinBytesintNO10240Minimum number of bytes
MaxBytesintNO10485760Maximum number of messages
ForceCommitboolNOtrueForce Commit or not

Code Example 1

Name: kq
Group: foo
Topic: test
Offset: first
Consumers: 1