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Create from command line


We can enter golang officially after completing Golang installation, and the two current mainstream editors are Goland VSCode; in addition to this, we can create the Golang project from the terminal. This paper will describe how to create a golang project using the command line.

Create project

# Create a golang project
➜ ~ mkdir -p ~/workspace/helloworld/ && cd ~/workspace/helloworld
➜ helloworld # crete go module
➜ helloworld go mod init helloworld
go: creating new go.mod: module helloworld
➜ helloworld # create main.go
➜ helloworld touch main.go
➜ helloworld # add code
➜ helloworld echo 'package main
> import "fmt"
> func main() {
> fmt.Println("Hello World!")
> }
> ' > main.go

Run main.go

➜ go run main.go
Hello World!