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Create from Visual Studio Code


Once Golang is installed, we can formally enter golang for development. The two current mainstream editors are Goland VSCode, which will describe how to create a golang project using VSCode.

VScode download reference VSCode official net

:::Note taps Current document demo version is Version: 1.74.1 (Universal), this may be different if your VScode version is not consistent. :::

Install Go Extension

Open VScode,click on the left extension button, search Goand install it.

install go extension

Create Go Project

Open VScode and click the workspace, select the specified directory or create a new folder as a project directory. Here I choose to create a new folder hellowd, return to the project.

create from vscode

Create go module

In the top right corner of VScode, select Toggle Panel or use shortcuts Command + J, Strike Terminal, enter go into the terminal and init helloowold, go back and create a go module.

open terminal
open terminal

New main.go

Create a new main.go file in the project directory HELLOWORLD, and enter the following code:

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
fmt.Println("Hello World!")
create main.go

Run program

In the upper right corner of VScode, select Toggle Panel or use shortcut Command + J, click Terminal, enter go run main.go, go back, run the program.

$ go run main.go
Hello World!
run program