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In a large system, there must be data transfer between multiple subsystems (services). If there is data transfer, you need a communication method. You can choose the simplest http for communication or rpc service for communication. In go-zero, we use zrpc to communicate between services, which is based on grpc.


In the front, we have improved the interface protocol for user login, user query of books, etc., but the user did not do any user verification when querying the book. If the current user is a non-existent user, we do not allow him to view book information. From the above information, we can know that the user service needs to provide a method to obtain user information for use by the search service, so we need to create a user rpc service and provide a getUser method.

rpc service writing

  • Compile the proto file

      $ vim service/user/cmd/rpc/user.proto
      syntax = "proto3";
      package user;
      option go_package = "user";
      message IdReq{
        int64 id = 1;
      message UserInfoReply{
        int64 id = 1;
        string name = 2;
        string number = 3;
        string gender = 4;
      service user {
        rpc getUser(IdReq) returns(UserInfoReply);
    • Generate rpc service code
      $ cd service/user/cmd/rpc
      $ goctl rpc proto -src user.proto -dir .

[!TIPS] If the installed version of protoc-gen-go is larger than 1.4.0, it is recommended to add go_package to the proto file

  • Add configuration and improve yaml configuration items

      $ vim service/user/cmd/rpc/internal/config/config.go
      type Config struct {
          Mysql struct {
              DataSource string
          CacheRedis cache.CacheConf
      $ vim /service/user/cmd/rpc/etc/user.yaml
      Name: user.rpc
      - $etcdHost
        Key: user.rpc
      DataSource: $user:$password@tcp($url)/$db?charset=utf8mb4&parseTime=true&loc=Asia%2FShanghai
      - Host: $host
        Pass: $pass
        Type: node

    [!TIP] $user: mysql database user

    $password: mysql database password

    $url: mysql database connection address

    $db: mysql database db name, that is, the database where the user table is located

    $host: Redis connection address Format: ip:port, such as:

    $pass: redis password

    $etcdHost: etcd connection address, format: ip:port, such as:

    For more configuration information, please refer to rpc configuration introduction

  • Add resource dependency

      $ vim service/user/cmd/rpc/internal/svc/servicecontext.go
      type ServiceContext struct {
          Config    config.Config
          UserModel model.UserModel
      func NewServiceContext(c config.Config) *ServiceContext {
          conn := sqlx.NewMysql(c.Mysql.DataSource)
          return &ServiceContext{
              Config: c,
              UserModel: model.NewUserModel(conn, c.CacheRedis),
  • Add rpc logic

      $ service/user/cmd/rpc/internal/logic/getuserlogic.go
      func (l *GetUserLogic) GetUser(in *user.IdReq) (*user.UserInfoReply, error) {
          one, err := l.svcCtx.UserModel.FindOne(in.Id)
          if err != nil {
              return nil, err
          return &user.UserInfoReply{
              Id:     one.Id,
              Name:   one.Name,
              Number: one.Number,
              Gender: one.Gender,
          }, nil

Use rpc

Next we call user rpc in the search service

  • Add UserRpc configuration and yaml configuration items
      $ vim service/search/cmd/api/internal/config/config.go
      type Config struct {
          Auth struct {
              AccessSecret string
              AccessExpire int64
          UserRpc zrpc.RpcClientConf
      $ vim service/search/cmd/api/etc/search-api.yaml
      Name: search-api
      Port: 8889
        AccessSecret: $AccessSecret
        AccessExpire: $AccessExpire
            - $etcdHost
          Key: user.rpc

    [!TIP] $AccessSecret: This value must be consistent with the one declared in the user api.

    $AccessExpire: Valid period

    $etcdHost: etcd connection address

    The Key in etcd must be consistent with the Key in the user rpc service configuration

  • Add dependency

      $ vim service/search/cmd/api/internal/svc/servicecontext.go
      type ServiceContext struct {
          Config  config.Config
          Example rest.Middleware
          UserRpc userclient.User
      func NewServiceContext(c config.Config) *ServiceContext {
          return &ServiceContext{
              Config:  c,
              Example: middleware.NewExampleMiddleware().Handle,
              UserRpc: userclient.NewUser(zrpc.MustNewClient(c.UserRpc)),
  • Supplementary logic

      $ vim /service/search/cmd/api/internal/logic/searchlogic.go
      func (l *SearchLogic) Search(req types.SearchReq) (*types.SearchReply, error) {
          userIdNumber := json.Number(fmt.Sprintf("%v", l.ctx.Value("userId")))
          logx.Infof("userId: %s", userIdNumber)
          userId, err := userIdNumber.Int64()
          if err != nil {
              return nil, err
          // use user rpc
          _, err = l.svcCtx.UserRpc.GetUser(l.ctx, &userclient.IdReq{
              Id: userId,
          if err != nil {
              return nil, err
          return &types.SearchReply{
              Name:  req.Name,
              Count: 100,
          }, nil

    Start and verify the service

  • Start etcd, redis, mysql
  • Start user rpc
      $ cd /service/user/cmd/rpc
      $ go run user.go -f etc/user.yaml
      Starting rpc server at
  • Start search api

    $ cd service/search/cmd/api
    $ go run search.go -f etc/search-api.yaml
  • Verification Service

      $ curl -i -X GET \
        '' \
        -H 'authorization: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2MTI4NjcwNzQsImlhdCI6MTYxMjc4MDY3NCwidXNlcklkIjoxfQ.JKa83g9BlEW84IiCXFGwP2aSd0xF3tMnxrOzVebbt80'
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      -Type: application/json
      Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2021 06:05:52 GMT
      Content-Length: 32

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