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Go-Zero Plugin

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A plug-in tool that supports go-zero api language structure syntax highlighting, detection, and quick generation of api, rpc, and model.

Idea version requirements

  • IntelliJ 2019.3+ (Ultimate or Community)
  • Goland 2019.3+
  • WebStorm 2019.3+
  • PhpStorm 2019.3+
  • PyCharm 2019.3+
  • RubyMine 2019.3+
  • CLion 2019.3+


  • api syntax highlighting
  • api syntax and semantic detection
  • struct, route, handler repeated definition detection
  • type jump to the type declaration position
  • Support api, rpc, mode related menu options in the context menu
  • Code formatting (option+command+L)
  • Code hint


The way one

Find the latest zip package in the GitHub release, download it and install it locally. (No need to unzip)

Thw way two

In the plugin store, search for Goctl to install



Create a new Api(Proto) file

In the project area target folder right click ->New-> New Api(Proto) File ->Empty File/Api(Proto) Template, as shown in the figure: preview

Quickly generate api/rpc service

In the target folder right click->New->Go Zero -> Api Greet Service/Rpc Greet Service


Api/Rpc/Model Code generation

The way one(Project Panel)

Corresponding files (api, proto, sql) right click->New->Go Zero-> Api/Rpc/Model Code, as shown in the figure:


Thw way two(Editor Panel)

Corresponding files (api, proto, sql) right click -> Generate-> Api/Rpc/Model Code

Error message

context menu

Live Template

Live Template can speed up our writing of api files. For example, when we enter the main keyword in the go file, press the tip and press Enter and insert a piece of template code.

func main(){


In other words, you will be more familiar with the picture below. Once upon a time, you still defined the template here. context menu

Let’s enter the instructions for using the template in today’s api grammar. Let’s take a look at the effect of the service template. context menu

First of all, in the previous picture, take a look at several template effective areas in the api file (psiTree element area) context menu

Default template and effective scope

keyword psiTree effective scope description
@doc ApiService doc comment template
doc ApiService doc comment template
struct Struct struct declaration template
info ApiFile info block template
type ApiFile type group template
handler ApiService handler name template
get ApiService get method routing template
head ApiService head method routing template
post ApiService post method routing template
put ApiService put method routing template
delete ApiService delete method routing template
connect ApiService connect method routing template
options ApiService options method routing template
trace ApiService trace method routing template
service ApiFile service service block template
json Tag、Tag literal tag template
xml Tag、Tag literal tag template
path Tag、Tag literal tag template
form Tag、Tag literal tag template

For the corresponding content of each template, you can view the detailed template content in Goland(mac Os)->Preference->Editor->Live Templates-> Api|Api Tags, for example, the json tag template content is


context menu

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