Coding Rules

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  • Single-line import is not recommended being wrapped in parentheses
  • Introduce in the order of Official Package, NEW LINE, Project Package, NEW LINE, Third Party Dependent Package

      import (

Function returns

  • Object avoids non-pointer return
  • Follow the principle that if there is a normal value return, there must be no error, and if there is an error, there must be no normal value return.

Error handling

  • An error must be handled, if it cannot be handled, it must be thrown.
  • Avoid underscore (_) receiving error

Function body coding

  • It is recommended that a block end with a blank line, such as if, for, etc.

      func main (){
          if x==1{
              // do something
  • Blank line before return

      func getUser(id string)(string,error){
          return "xx",nil
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