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The api configuration controls various functions in the api service, including but not limited to the service listening address, port, environment configuration, log configuration, etc. Let's take a simple configuration to see what the common configurations in the api do.

Configuration instructions

Through the yaml configuration, we will find that there are many parameters that we are not aligned with config. This is because many of the config definitions are labeled with optional or default. For optional options, you can choose according to your own Need to determine whether it needs to be set. For the default tag, if you think the default value is enough, you don't need to set it. Generally, the value in default basically does not need to be modified and can be considered as a best practice value.


type Config struct{
    rest.RestConf // rest api configuration
    Auth struct { // jwt authentication configuration
        AccessSecret string // jwt key
        AccessExpire int64 // jwt expire, unit: second
    Mysql struct { // database configuration, in addition to mysql, there may be other databases such as mongo
        DataSource string // mysql datasource, which satisfies the format of user:password@tcp(ip:port)db?queries
    CacheRedis cache.CacheConf // redis cache
    UserRpc    zrpc.RpcClientConf // rpc client configuration


The basic configuration of api service, including monitoring address, monitoring port, certificate configuration, current limit, fusing parameters, timeout parameters and other controls, expand it, we can see:

service.ServiceConf // service configuration
Host     string `json:",default="` // http listening ip, default
Port     int // http listening port, required
CertFile string `json:",optional"` // https certificate file, optional
KeyFile  string `json:",optional"` // https private key file, optional 
Verbose  bool   `json:",optional"` // whether to print detailed http request log
MaxConns int    `json:",default=10000"` // http can accept the maximum number of requests at the same time (current limit), the default is 10000
MaxBytes int64  `json:",default=1048576,range=[0:8388608]"` // http can accept the maximum Content Length of the request, the default is 1048576, and the set value cannot be between 0 and 8388608
// milliseconds
Timeout      int64         `json:",default=3000"` // timeout duration control, unit: milliseconds, default 3000
CpuThreshold int64         `json:",default=900,range=[0:1000]"` // CPU load reduction threshold, the default is 900, the allowable setting range is 0 to 1000
Signature    SignatureConf `json:",optional"` // signature configuration


type ServiceConf struct {
    Name       string // service name
    Log        logx.LogConf // log configuration
    Mode       string            `json:",default=pro,options=dev|test|pre|pro"` // service environment, dev-development environment, test-test environment, pre-pre-release environment, pro-formal environment
    MetricsUrl string            `json:",optional"` // index report interface address, this address needs to support post json
    Prometheus prometheus.Config `json:",optional"` // prometheus configuration


type LogConf struct {
    ServiceName         string `json:",optional"` // service name
    Mode                string `json:",default=console,options=console|file|volume"` // Log mode, console-output to console, file-output to the current server (container) file, volume-output docker hangs in the file
    Path                string `json:",default=logs"` // Log storage path
    Level               string `json:",default=info,options=info|error|severe"` // Log level
    Compress            bool   `json:",optional"` // whether to enable gzip compression
    KeepDays            int    `json:",optional"` // log retention days
    StackCooldownMillis int    `json:",default=100"` // log write interval


type Config struct {
    Host string `json:",optional"` // prometheus monitor host
    Port int    `json:",default=9101"` // prometheus listening port
    Path string `json:",default=/metrics"` // report address


SignatureConf struct {
    Strict      bool          `json:",default=false"` // Whether it is Strict mode, if it is, Private Keys is required
    Expiry      time.Duration `json:",default=1h"` // Validity period, default is 1 hour
    PrivateKeys []PrivateKeyConf // Signing key related configuration


PrivateKeyConf struct {
    Fingerprint string // Fingerprint configuration
    KeyFile     string // Key configuration


ClusterConf []NodeConf

NodeConf struct {
    Weight int `json:",default=100"` // Weights


RedisConf struct {
    Host string // redis address
    Type string `json:",default=node,options=node|cluster"` // redis type
    Pass string `json:",optional"` // redis password
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