API File Coding

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Create file

$ vim service/user/cmd/api/user.api
type (
    LoginReq {
        Username string `json:"username"`
        Password string `json:"password"`

    LoginReply {
        Id           int64 `json:"id"`
        Name         string `json:"name"`
        Gender       string `json:"gender"`
        AccessToken  string `json:"accessToken"`
        AccessExpire int64 `json:"accessExpire"`
        RefreshAfter int64 `json:"refreshAfter"`

service user-api {
    @handler login
    post /user/login (LoginReq) returns (LoginReply)

Generate api service

By goctl executable file

$ cd book/service/user/cmd/api
$ goctl api go -api user.api -dir .

By Intellij Plugin

Right-click on the user.api file, and then click to enter New->Go Zero->Api Code, enter the target directory selection, that is, the target storage directory of the api source code, the default is the directory where user.api is located, select Click OK after finishing the list.

ApiGeneration ApiGenerationDirectorySelection

By Keymap

Open user.api, enter the editing area, use the shortcut key Command+N (for macOS) or alt+insert (for windows), select Api Code, and also enter the directory selection pop-up window, after selecting the directory Just click OK.

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