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go-zero is a web and rpc framework that integrates various engineering practices. Through flexible design, the stability of the large concurrent server is guaranteed, and it has withstood full actual combat tests.

go-zero contains a minimalist API definition and generation tool goctl, which can generate Go, iOS, Android, Kotlin, Dart, TypeScript, JavaScript code with one click according to the defined api file, and run it directly.

Go-Zero's Author


kevwan is the XiaoHeiBan’s R&D person in charge and a senior technical expert in TAL, whhas 14 years of R&D team management experience, 16 years of architecture design experience, 20 years of engineering practical experience, responsible for the architecture design of many large-scale projects, and has been in partnership for many times (acquired ), Lecturer of Gopher China Conference, Lecturer of Tencent Cloud Developer Conference.

Go-Zero Members

As of February 2021, go-zero currently has 30 team developers and 50+ community members.

Go-Zero Community

We currently have more than 3,000 community members. Here, you can discuss any go-zero technology, feedback on issues, get the latest go-zero information, and the technical experience shared by the big guys every day.

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