Goctl Completion

Goctl Completion only supports unix-like operating systems


$ goctl completion -h
goctl completion - generation completion script, it only works for unix-like OS
goctl completion [command options] [arguments...]
--name value, -n value the filename of auto complete script, default is [goctl_autocomplete]

Generate autocomplete file#

$ goctl completion
Generate autocomplete successfully!
Execute the following script to set up the shell.
echo PROG=goctl source /Users/keson/.goctl/.auto_complete/zsh/goctl_autocomplete >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc
echo PROG=goctl source /Users/keson/.goctl/.auto_complete/bash/goctl_autocomplete >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

shell configuration#

  • zsh
$ echo PROG=goctl source /Users/keson/.goctl/.auto_complete/zsh/goctl_autocomplete >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc
  • bash
$ echo PROG=goctl source /Users/keson/.goctl/.auto_complete/bash/goctl_autocomplete >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

Demo effect#

Use the tab key to bring up the autocomplete prompt

$ goctl
api -- generate api-related files
bug -- report a bug
completion -- generates a completion script, which is only available for unix-like operating systems
docker -- generates a Docker file
help h -- displays a list of commands or help information for a command
kube -- generates kubernetes files
migrate -- migrate from tal-tech to zeromicro
model -- Generate model code
rpc -- generate rpc code
template -- Template operations
upgrade -- upgrade goctl to the latest version
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